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About Maine Coon Cats

As the name says: The Maine Coon cats come from the American State Maine (North East). The part „coon“ seems to come from racoon because of their long flowing tails. Long ago people thought that they must have evolved from matings between domestic cats and racoons. But that is genetically impossible!

The Maine Coon was originally the American wild cat, living mainly on farms to catch vermin. It has large eyes and ears, as well as a big, muscular body with very big paws are the points for a typical hunter. They have got a long silky shaggy coat, short over the head, becoming longer own the back, stomach, legs and ruff. Once you've seen a Maine Coon you begin to recognize the difference between a domestic cat and a Maine Coon.


The Maine Coon takes 3-4 years to finish growing. Fully grown females have got an average weight of 7-12lbs and males 10-18 lbs. The cats appear in 64 colour combinations. The Maine Coon has actually been shown in America since the 1860's, at the Skowhegan Fair. It was probably America's first cat show. In the mid 1980's it began its influx into Europe.

Maine Coons are the clowns of the cat world, with a rather quiet but extrovert personality. They normally adapt to new surroundings with the greatest of ease. They are in general, highly intelligent happy cats for all family members.


Some of the colours could be:

Black classic tabby / white

red classic tabby / white


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